Rest Day

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written by runnergirl training

What can you do with your rest day to prevent yourself from climbing the walls? Here are a few easy tips to keep focus even when resting your legs!

Recovery Tactics
Your body is still rebuilding and recovering even when you think you're not doing much. This is the perfect time to focus on those frequent injury spots, foam roll, use recovery boots, ultrasound and muscle stimulators. 

Go Low-Key
Can't sit still for anything? Try yoga or core exercises (back, abs, hips, glutes). In the words of Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite, "Might as well as do somethin' while you're doing nothin'."

Get Up To Date
Take this time to make sure your workout/running log in up to date. Find and plan out future races. Make any adjustments to your upcoming training schedule around work, travel, etc.

Perhaps you've wondered what's a Yasso 800 or about a nagging pain in your hip. Now is a great time to look up those running and fitness topics that my be on your mind while you're out running. 

Shift Focus
As weird as it may sound, it's ok to have non-running hobbies and interests. Take this time to spend on other areas of your life that may receive less attention. Maybe you want to write a blog, read a new book, volunteer, try new recipes, or even wandering the mall and people watching. Enjoy spending your time doing things that bring you happiness!

These rest day ideas should easily help you beat boredom and not-running blues! Give yourself permission to make rest day your day!

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