Are You Eating Too Much Sugar

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written by runnergirl training

Have you ever noticed the scale creeping up but you can't pinpoint a change in your habits to have caused weight gain? Sugar might be to blame for the sneaky increase on the scale.

 Sugar is rampant in our food selections. It can be glaringly obvious in a donut and more subtle in a condiment. Sugar intake can quickly and quietly add up. And before you know it you're packing on the excess pounds.

The daily amount of sugar for men should not exceed 150 calories / 37.5 grams / 9 teaspoons. For women the daily amount of sugar should be less than 100 calories per day / 25 grams / 6 teaspoons. Unless you are conscientiously watching your sugar intake you will most likely exceed those numbers. Even foods that are deemed as healthy can pack a sugary punch!

It is important to monitor your sugar intake. Sugar causes a lot of health problems to the body including:
Weight gain
Insulin resistance
Prevents fat from being burned as a fuel
Increases triglycerides

Being on a reduced or low sugar diet can improve and reverse the negative effects of eating too much sugar. When reducing or stopping sugar intake:
Energy levels increase
Weight loss can occur
Immune system increases
Skin health improves
Mood increases in positivity
Cancer risk decreases

With all of the positive health benefits of a reduced sugar diet it is important to be aware of the amount of sugar you consume. This can be quickly assessed by reading the labels of the food in your house. Look for low or no sugar options to replace them on your next grocery shopping trip. Once you get the hang of looking for lower sugar food it'll be second nature. And your body and longevity of health will thank you!

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