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5 Reasons Runners Need Breakfast

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written by runnergirl training

Breakfast is an important part of the day. It stops the overnight fasting & provides immediate fuel to get moving! Check out 5 reasons why breakfast matters! Read more below!

Often in our busy start to the day breakfast can be forgotten. Let’s explore why it is important to take a few moments to fuel up.

1. Your brain uses carbohydrates from blood sugar as fuel. To be alert & on your mental A-game make sure to grab some grub. Nutrients to include are protein, calcium, potassium & fiber.

2. Your body is in a protein-needed mode when you wake up. While sleeping it worked diligently to repairs muscles and requires protein. Around 20 grams of protein meets those requirements.

3. Breakfast helps keep your appetite in check all day. When skipping meals you body will make up for it later by being ravenous. It can lead to over-consuming calories or the wrong types of food. Start the day off right by eating 200–400 calories.

4. It improves your mood when blood sugar is stable. You are in an energy deficit from sleeping (and not eating) all night. Your mood improves when energy levels are toped off and not dragging.

5. Having regular meals and snacks helps prevent the intense cravings that happen when over-hungry. Keep away the cravings!


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