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The spine is a very important part of the body. It holds together the upper and lower body parts, gives up the ability to walk upright and houses vital components.

The Spine is Separated Into Sections:
Cervical (neck)
Thoracic (upper & mid back)
Lumbar (low back)
Sacral (from low back to tail bone)

Functions For Sections:
Thoracic: mobility, rotation, twisting, support upper body
Lumbar: flexion, extension, stability for hips
Thoracic & Lumbar: bending forward & reaching
Vertebra: resist compression & pull of gravity

Common Back Problems:
Disc issues: slipped, compressed, pinched
Thoracic extension: bending backwards
Thoracic rotation: becomes limited & shortened
Thoracic flexion: bending forward is limited due to tight hips

How to Fix Back Issues:
1. See a doctor to received correct diagnosis & treatment
2. Stretches:

back stretch forward fold yoga wheel

Standing Forward Bend: bend forward at the waist, let upper body weight hang to lengthen spine

child's pose back stretch yoga
Child’s Pose: knees bent under torso, stretch arms forward & to sides

back thoracic extension stretch yoga wheel

Thoracic Extension: bend forward at waist, hold a stable object, push hips back, pull through arms/upper back

back bend yoga back stretch yoga wheel

Backbend: over a yoga wheel or kneeling & reaching back to heels

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All products are mine and purchased by me. I was not asked to feature them but did since I use them personally everyday. All opinions are mine and expressed from my experience with them.

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