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Mark Bell Sling Shot Grippy Hip Circle Online Personal Training

written by runnergirl training

Mark Bell’s Grippy Hip Circle is a fantastic product! It is a fabric resistance band with gripping material on the inside to prevent from slipping. It is a taut band without needless slack when stretched. The Grippy Hip Circle is a strong resistance band! See more & pics below!

Mark Bell Sling Shot Grippy Hip Bell Online Personal Training
grippy backing

The first thing I noticed when using the Grippy Hip Circle is how the material felt strong and taught. Immediately, once it was on my leg muscles were activated! I was surprised and impressed as I began to use it that it stayed in place. It never slid down or shifted due to the grippy backing material. The Grippy Hip Circle applied constant and even pressure while I performed lunges in all directions, monster walks, squats and standing and lying leg lifts.

mark bell sling shot grippy hip circle squat online personal training

mark bell sling shot hip circle monster walks online personal training
monster walks

mark bell sling shot hip circle lunge online personal training

Doesn’t slip
Constant tension


I have used a variety of resistance bands and even had some rip while using them. This band is so strong and durable you don’t have to fear it shedding a part. The fabric and materials feel very high quality & secure!

After my first day of using the Grippy Hip Circle my legs were sore! I have used it for a few weeks & absolutely love it! It is great to find a product that is effective and innovative in the materials and design. I was so impressed with the Grippy Hip Circle that I decided to purchase a second style. I know you will be so glad to try it and see those results for yourself!

Mark Bell provided me with this Grippy Hip Circle to try and give an honest review. I was so impressed with its performance that I purchased a second one!

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