Product Review: Bali Body Tanning Oils

bali body tanning oil product review

written by runnergirl training

You may have noticed on social media tanning oil from Bali Body appearing everywhere. That’s because it is a plant based miracle in a little bottle! It is very different than most tanning oils by the ingredients and how it works. Bali Body offers several products including 3 types of tanning oils, SPF lotion & a hydrating body lotion. Read more below!

bali body tanning oil product review

Bali Body tanning body oil gives a soft natural looking glow. It slowly increases with each use. There is no fear of turning into an orange carrot overnight! You don’t even need a tanning lotion glove to apply it. It does not stain your hands.

Another of their tanning oil products is Bali Body Cacao tanning body oil. It gives a slightly deeper tan than the original Bali Body tanning oil. I have not used either of the tanning oils in conjunction with laying out in the sun. I have only used them as a light tanner without sun exposure. But they still give a light tanned look to your skin.

bali body tanning oil review

The ingredients are natural and not harsh chemicals or paraben-laiden like most store brands. It is full of nutrients that soften skin’s textures and leave skin feeling firm and smooth. Using Bali Body tanning oil has made my skin hydrated, smooth and looking young!

Another amazing feature about Bali Body tanning oil is that you can either use it in the sun (with sunscreen, of course) or just apply and allow it to give a subtle glow. Skin cancer is in my family and my mom even passed away from melanoma. I am super conservative about sun exposure, diligently wear sun screen, hats & UPF clothing. I wanted to find a product that could give my skin a summer’s glow without me having to bake myself in damaging sunrays.

Softens skin
Hydrates skin
Smooths skin’s texture
Feels luxurious on skin
Soft tropical scent
Gives a subtle glow
No tanning lotion glove needed

Bottle is small at 3.7 fl. oz

In conclusion, I would highly recommend giving Bali Body tanning oil a try. The only thing you have to lose is fatigued and tired looking skin. You can purchase it at their website here.

I was not asked to write this review and received no compensation. I personally purchased these products and all opinions expressed are my own.

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