Eliminate Barriers to Healthy Eating

vegetables barriers to healthy eating

written by runnergirl training 

There are several common barriers to eating healthy. Let’s check out 5 predominant reasons & how to overcome them!

Unavailable Healthy Food
If you live in a food desert, try to make healthy food selections at the grocery store to have healthy options at home.

Snack Attacks
If you find yourself going through the drive through try to pack a snack to keep healthy food on hand.

Out To Dinner
Before dining out review their menu online to know what healthy entrees are offered.

Short On Time
Sometimes life is busy and time is crunched. Planning snacks or stops for meals at healthy restaurants prevents unhealthy food decisions.

Nutrition Confusion

It can be confusing what’s best when reading nutrition labels. Labels that read low sodium, low fat, high protein, etc can be difficult to discern. Be mindful if a product is low fat there is typically added sugar, sodium or fat. 

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