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Freddy is a creative and driven 15 year old who happens to be an entrepreneur. He is the creator and developer of HyperGo after sport wipes! Freddy took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. See below!

  1. How did you develop the concept of HyperGo after sport wipes?
When I used to play club volleyball, we had tournaments that were hours away. I didn’t want be sitting in my sweat, stinking up the car for the ride home and leaving that dirt and oil on my skin. I tried many of the other wipes on the market, but none of them were quite right - too small, too perfume-y, too sticky. I knew there had to be a solution and the result was HyperGo, an all natural wipe ready to get you clean and refreshed any time, anywhere.
  1. Is this your first product to develop?
Yes, HyperGo is the very first product I developed. However, we are expanding the HyperGo line to include some other really innovative products, which we plan to launch within the next few months.
  1. How do you balance developing products, school, friends, etc.?
Balancing all my activities and still finding time to develop new products requires great time-management skills and is definitely a challenge. I manage my schedule and plan my day to a tee, which wouldn’t be possible without the help of my mom. While I am at school, she helps run the company’s day-to-day operations - ensuring our manufacturing and shipping channels are properly managed, seeking out new marketing opportunities to raise brand awareness and making our new product ideas become reality. Furthermore, I find that setting precise goals really helps me to balance my activities and maintain clear priorities. I write short and long term goals on my whiteboard, so that every morning I can see them when I wake up.  
  1. Do you play sports or stay active?
Yes, I used to play club volleyball, rugby and just started playing tennis, which is such a fun sport that you can play at any age. Due to some recent rugby concussions, I have had to tailor my workouts to make sure I’m exercising in the safest, most effective way for my body.
  1. What are easy ways that teens can stay healthy & active?
Some easy and really fun ways that teens can stay active and healthy are: 1) joining school sports or dance teams - high schools these days are expanding to offer sports and other activities that weren’t available before like rugby, fencing, Frisbee golf and Quidditch; 2) taking advantage of the great outdoors and exploring the nature around you by hiking, mountain biking, rafting, etc.; and 3) in terms of staying healthy, teens should try to maintain a balanced diet and get enough sleep!
  1. What are your top 2 goals this next year?
For next year, my top two goals are launching more products in the after sports space, for example, an after sports soak and/or different personal care wipes. My future goal is to create a wipe company rivaling Clorox, but instead of meeting household cleaning needs, catering to the personal care market.
  1. Where do you get ideas to try for new products?
I get new ideas for products from my personal needs and the every day personal care issues that my friends and family run into.
  1. What are your 2 biggest accomplishments so far in life?
My two biggest accomplishments so far have to be successfully launching HyperGo and getting 100% on every test in my honors history class last year.
  1. Who are the top 2 people who you look up to?
Two people I look up to are my mom, Jennifer, and my aunt, Marcia. My mom is an amazing person who can do anything and strives to put her full energy into everything she does, which, when you’re a mom of six kids, is no easy feat. She has managed to launch three business while still making it to every volleyball game, 4H meeting and gymnastics meet. I hope one day I will be as dynamic as she is. My Aunt Marcia is someone I look up to because she has always supported me - she is always there to drive on school fieldtrips, take me to the library, help me complete my science fair projects, and everything in between. I admire her dedication as well as my mother’s. I do not know what I would do without them.

hyper go wipes sports small business start up interview

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Thank you, Freddy for your time & sharing about your ideas & goals with us! Way to go with developing HyperGo after sport wipes. We look forward to seeing what you create in the future!

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