Product Review: Intelligent Labs Glucosamine & Chondroitin Supplement

intelligent lab supplements chondroitin glucosamine

written by runnergirl training

Intelligent Labs is a supplement company that was created by 2 individuals on the basis of filling a need of high quality supplements that meet the gaps in modern nutrition. Read more below!

It would be nice if all of our nutritional needs were met through our food alone but most of us have deficiencies in nutrients, vitamins & minerals. Supplements are a great way to ensure those requirements from the body are met. The supplement industry is huge and it can be daunting to know which brand or product will best meet your needs. Intelligent labs has an independent third party test their products for quality & purity. 

intelligent lab supplements chondroitin glucosamine

Intelligent Labs approached & asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their products. I take supplements based on my nutritionist's recommendations & my own research. I personally have early arthritis in my knees from a high school basketball injury. My sports medicine doctor has given me suggestions for dealing with the pain. In addition to his recommendations, I have taken joint support supplements for years. 

After speaking with Intelligent Labs, I selected their glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. I researched the company and product reviews before selecting a supplement to review. Intelligent Labs and their products have outstanding reviews! I noticed their glucosamine and chondroitin also contains MSM, Boswellia, Tumeric, Bromelain, and Quercertin. 

intelligent lab supplements chondroitin glucosamine

Each of these have several uses but their main ones are as follows:

MSM: Reduces pain & swelling in joints

Boswellia: Improves joint mobility & gastrointestinal problems

Turmeric: Reduces arthritis & gastrointestinal symptoms 

Bromelain: Reduces muscle pain from exercise & may reduce arthritis symptoms

Quercertin: May reduce inflammation 

intelligent lab supplements chondroitin glucosamine

Since I have IBS and the symptoms are controlled through my other supplements & a vegan and low FODMAP diet, I was very interested to try Intelligent Lab's glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. I have consistently taken it everyday and found it to quickly benefit me. My knee and other joint pains were lessened. And my gut symptoms also were lessened.That's progress from the Intelligent Labs glucosamine and chondroitin supplement! 

When dealing with chronic pain that grates on your nerves each day having it reduced is wonderful! The only change in my supplements and nutrition routine was adding in the Intelligent Labs glucosamine and chondroitin supplement! I'm very happy with it & will continue to purchase it as part of my routine.

intelligent lab supplements chondroitin glucosamine

Joint pain decreased
IBS symptoms decreased
Can purchase on Amazon or Intelligent Labs website

None, haven't had any

I am always leery of trying new supplements due to my sensitive GI system. However, I am very pleased with this supplement from Intelligent Labs. I will continue using it since it has brought such positive results for me. 

You should consider checking it out here for yourself & see what you think!

Intelligent Labs provided me with 1 bottle of Intelligent Labs glucosamine and chondroitin supplement in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own from my personal use and experiences. I received no further compensation for posting this review.

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