Product Review: Buband

written by runnergirl training

A proper fitting sports bra, with cups to reduce the bouncing and jarring, goes a long way to limit boob bounce. There’s also an innovative band called the Būband (pronounced bōōb band). It is a 3 inch wide band made from moisture wicking material that has hook closures in the back and wraps around the chest to reduce bounce. 

I have used the Būband for running, spinning, outdoor cycling, aerobics and walking.

Reduces movement
Sweat wicking
Easy on & off

Can feel restrictive to breathing
Can feel uncomfortable to chest & back

My takeaway is the Būband very effectively reduces bounce while exercising. That being said, I tried adjusting its positioning and width (with the hooks in the back) to make it comfortable. However, for me it was still restrictive to breathing and not as comfortable as I had hoped for my chest and back. Perhaps other people have it fit more seamlessly and don’t find it distracting. It is a great product that certainly delivers what it promises! Try it out for yourself to see what you think!

Thank you to Būband for providing me with a Būband to try out and review honestly. I appreciate your generosity!

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