Product Review: CryoCup

written by runnergirl training

The CryoCup is a plastic cup that is freezable and reusable for ice massage. It is a great alternative to paper cups and reduces trash waste and the cost of repeated purchases.

I purchased a set of two CryCups so that one would always be frozen and ready to go! To start, fill the cup with water and freeze. Once frozen, remove the cup portion. Remaining will be a plastic ring that contains the ice. Your hands will not get cold since you are holding the plastic ring!

  • Prevents hands from getting cold
  • Prevents dropping ice cubes (you may have tried this method like me!)
  • Prevents excess waste from using paper cups

  • There are none

Ice massage is an effective way to reduce pain and inflammation of an injury. Check out my post about ice massage here.

I highly recommend the CryoCup! It has made my frequent ice massaging much easier!

I personally purchased the CryoCup and was not asked to write a review or compensated in any way for it.

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