Product Review: Lululemon Swiftly Shirts

written by runnergirl training

The best running shirts that I have ever found are the Lululemon Swiftly womens shirts. They are in racerback tank, short sleeve t-shirt & long sleeve t-shirt varieties. Swiftlies are soft and made with moisture wicking and anti-stink features.

I love how they prevent you from feeling too hot. So many technical performance shirts seem to hold in the heat. The Swiftlies absorb and release body heat and perspiration. They never give that soggy shirt feeling against your skin! They are lightweight and I absolutely love the anti-stink fabric, known as X-STATIC. That is a must for the sweat drenched workouts I throw at them! I also love how comfortable and figure flattering they are to wear. These shirts are my favorite for workouts and running!

To preserve their technical fabric properties, I wash them in cold water, turned inside out, and in garment bags to prevent snags during laundering. I use Sport Suds laundry detergent, as it is free of harsh chemicals and fragrance which would prevent the performance fabric from being effective over time. As with all of my Lululemon clothes I air-dry the Swiftlies. I've had mine for years and they have resisted fading, pilling, and have retained their shape.

Lululemon also has anti-stink clothes for men here.

I highly recommend you try Lululemon Swiftly shirts for your running & workouts and see what an amazing feeling they provide!

I purchased these Lululemon pieces personally and did not receive any compensation for my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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