Tensor Fasciae Latae Muscle Pain

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written by runnergirl training

The tensor fasciae latae (TFL) muscle can cause pain and problems for runners and cyclists. It attaches to the top and side of the hip bone and runs down to the iliotibial band. It is a muscle group heavily used when running, cycling, sports played on a court, climbing and walking.

The TFL assists in the following movements:
  •       Thigh moving forward
  •       Abduction of thigh (away from body)
  •       Flexion of hip at thigh
  •        Medial rotation of thigh (toward body)

Pain that is associated with a TFL muscle injury may include: 
  •     Deep outside hip pain
  •      Pain when sitting
  •      Front of hip pain

There are a few ways to treat TFL pain. I recommend using ice massage, SMFR (foam rolling) and trigger point release.  I prefer using the Roll Recovery R8 roller or a tennis ball. If using a tennis ball be sure to have it underneath your leg to apply pressure to the muscle when rolling over it. Begin the rolling at the top of the outer hip and work down toward the mid thigh. After use ice massage to reduce inflammation.


  1. I used to play sports, however this area bothers me now. I'm active, but only do very little exercise. I'm 50 years old. Does this area start causing pain with age?

    1. It may be an overuse injury that never healed correctly. Perhaps you can visit with a physical therapist or personal trainer in your area to help provide treatment.


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