Product Review: Cool Knots Shoelaces

cool knots shoe laces no tie product review

written by runnergirl training

Cool Knots are a no-tie lacing system for shoes. Their unique design allows shoes to not tie to stay on your feet. Any laced pair of shoes can be turned into slip-ons. See more below!

cool knots shoe laces no tie product review lacing techniques

Cool Knots easily slip through shoe eyelets by pulling them taught. The tightness of the lacing can be adjusted by moving the lace in or out of the eyelets. Cool Knots lets shoes retain their fit even after running or working out without the pesky need to tighten up laces. It's frustrating to have to stop your workout or run to tighten up shoelaces. I've spent many workouts & races having to continually tighten laces. 

They virtually eliminate the need to re-tie shoelaces. They can even be tucked into the shoes & not tied. Their design is unlike other laces which require various lacing techniques to eliminate lace tying. Cool Knots simply stays tied and retains the fit without any tying.

cool knots shoe laces no tie product review running

Easily laced
Don't have to tie
Fit of shoe stays consistent 
Doesn't untie during workout
Make lace-up shoes into slip-ons 


cool knots shoe laces no tie product review lacing hacks

Cool Knots are a great idea for a lot of people:
Kids who have trouble tying shoes
Athletes who don't want to re-tie shoes
Pregnant women
Those with disabilities
People who don't like to tie shoes

Check out Cool Knots here!

Cool Knots provided me with one set of laces to review honestly. I received no other compensation. All opinions are mine from my experiences. Socks are my personal Sockwell compression socks.

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