Interview: JI The Prince Of New York

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JI (eye) The Prince of New York is an extremely talented 15 year old young man from Brooklyn. He was recently on Jermaine Dupri's TV show The Rap Game, season 2. The Prince of NY was kind enough to take a moment from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for his fans. See below!

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Let's get to it!

What do you love about performing music?
I love engaging with the audience, and feeling the energy back from the crowd gets me hyped and puts me in a good zone.

How did you discover you had talent as a rapper?
I always like to write since I was younger and I just would put my words together to rap to an instrumental and realized that I had potential to be great so I just kept writing, and here I am now trying to live my dream.

How do you balance music, school, friends & life?
Well, I will always put school first because education is very important to me and my family. Of course, music is my first love and because of my education, music has been a big part as for writing my music and being creative with my work when writing catchy hooks and punch lines.

How do you stay healthy & active?
I drink a lot of water, I play a lot of sports and stay active. I like to walk also.

Do you play sports?
My favorite sport is Basketball. I play ball all the time whenever I get the chance to play I’m in the park playing ball.

the prince of NY JI Rapper Teen Athlete Active Sports Youth brooklyn new york active teen youth hip hop

What are ways that your friends or other teens can stay healthy & active?
Exercising, drinking and eating healthy, and staying active are very important for all teens to do. It keeps you in tune with being more focused in especially moving forward with your goals you want to achieve in the future.

What are your top 3 goals this next year?
My 3 top goals in the next year are to make a hit song and have it played on the radio, have the chance to work with well- known producers and hopefully become the next big thing on the radio.

How do you stay positive when something tries to bring you down?
When I have bad days I just write and get into the zone where my mind takes me to another place where my words become a scene like a movie in mind and then put my words to tell a story.

What are your 3 biggest accomplishments so far in life?
My 3 biggest accomplishments so far from my life right now have to be that I was on a TV show called The Rap Game with a well-known producer, becoming a successful rapper and getting known for the creative work and skills that I deliver.

Who are your top 3 heroes?
My 3 heroes are Big Pun, Tupac and Eminem. They have inspired me to be creative, focused and great in every chance I get when it comes to my delivery of catchy hooks and catchy lines and to have my fans and audience rooting for me to be the best that ever did it for my age and my Puerto Rican race.

the prince of NY JI Rapper Teen Athlete Active Sports Youththe prince of NY JI Rapper Teen Athlete Active Sports Youth The Rap Game Jermaine Dupri Season 2

You got to check out JI The Prince of NY's music & follow him on social media so you won't miss a single step with his music career!




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Thank you, JI The Prince of NY for taking time to chat about your music & having an active and healthy life! Your fans cheer you on & eagerly watch as your music career continues to bloom. You are doing amazing things & continue to inspire so many other people each day!

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