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Product Review: Sockwell Compression Socks

Sockwell Compression Socks Travel Running Fitness Exercise Leg Swelling Fatigue Blood Clots

written by runnergirl training

Do you ever have legs that feel heavy, dead or swollen? Maybe during a workout or run they start to feel heavy. Perhaps as the workday goes on your legs start to swell and feel uncomfortable. Even traveling in a car or airplane can make legs swell and ache. See more below!

Sockwell Compression Socks Travel Running Fitness Exercise Leg Swelling Fatigue Blood Clots

Enter Sockwell compression socks to the rescue! These socks are amazing! They are highly effective for common leg complaints. Sockwell compression socks are offered in different levels of compression (15-20 mm Hg) and (20-30 mm Hg). They have graduated compression, that is more tension at the toes and less tension at the top of the calves. Their fabric is soft and never slips down or bunches. It pulls moisture from skin to keep you dry and feeling fresh! 

Sockwell Compression Socks Travel Running Fitness Exercise Leg Swelling Fatigue Run Exercise

See how Sockwell compression socks meet so many foot & leg problems:

Heavy Legs:
The graduated compression used by Sockwell helps blood & fluid not to pool in feet & legs. It works with the muscles to push the blood & fluid out from the feet & legs. While sitting or standing blood and fluid tend to not move & gives that heavy leg feeling. Not anymore with Sockwell on the job!

Swelling Legs & Feet:
While standing or sitting muscles aren't working to move around blood & fluid. This results in swelling. Also, eating sugary and salty foods cause fluid retention & swelling. Sockwell compress socks work for you by preventing swelling from their snug fit.

Leg & Foot Cramps:
Do you ever suffer from muscle cramps during your workout or in the night? Often a few things can be off balance to cause those cramps. Check your hydration level. And wear Sockwell compression socks to help hold the muscles. It prevents them from having spasms!

Sweat-Soaked Feet:
Feet sweat. It's a fact of life. Some of us deal with it no matter if we're at a desk or the gym. Not to worry, Sockwell compression socks naturally absorb sweat and pull it away from skin. Legs and feet stay happy & dry.

When you sit for extended periods of time it can increase the chance for developing a blood clot. It can reduce the chance of a blood clot when wearing Sockwell compression socks as they keep blood from pooling in feet & lower legs. They are ideal for when you are flying or are on extended car rides.

Most other compression socks are a synthetic material made for only exercise. Sockwell loves to make their socks with vibrant colors & patterns and their material is a lightweight wool blend. They are very stylish & made with workwear in mind, as much as exercise. Choose what suites your needs from conservative looks to prints and colors that stand out. 

Sockwell Compression Socks Travel Running Fitness Exercise Leg Swelling Fatigue Run Exercise basketball Sports

No matter the sport that you are playing, Sockwell compression socks are going to improve your performance and take your game to the next level! Imagine playing longer without feeling fatigued. Imagine not thinking about your feet and leg muscles while in the game. Sockwell compression socks provide the support and assist in blood flow to help prevent muscle soreness and fatigue. The fabric is also anti-chafing to prevent blisters and hot spots.

Sockwell Compression Socks Travel Running Fitness Exercise Leg Swelling Fatigue Run Exercise Don't Slip Chafe

Another great benefit of Sockwell compression socks is that they don’t slip down. I have tried many other compression socks brands before discovering Sockwell. A prevalent problem with other brands is the socks slowly slide down. I was having to stop my workout to pull up my compression socks. That is very ineffective on many levels; repeatedly stopping my workout and the socks aren’t doing an adequate job of compression if they are migrating towards my shoes. Sockwell’s smooth fabric stays in place all day! I have worn these socks all day for traveling and never had any problems of the socks becoming uncomfortable or shifting.

Sockwell Compression Socks Travel Running Fitness Exercise Leg Swelling Fatigue Run Exercise Don't Slip Chafe

Here is a video from Sockwell showing how to easily put on your Sockwell compression socks.

Sockwell compression socks can be purchased here. Let me know what you love about Sockwell after trying them out!

I am a Sockwell brand ambassador. They provided me with a few styles of socks to try. I personally have purchased over 10 pairs of Sockwell socks on my own, with no discounts. I received no compensation for my review. All opinions expressed are my own from my own experiences.


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