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Product Review: Lumo Run

 lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics

written by runnergirl training

Lumo Run is a wearable tech device for breaking down the biomechanics of running. It is a small device worn on the back waist and of shorts or pants. The mobile app records mechanics. There are audible prompts to achieve target numbers for cadence, bounce, etc. The Lumo Run app recommends specific exercises to correct running movements. See more below!

lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics

The Lumo Run device looks specifically at cadence, bounce, breaking, drop, & rotation. The app will show a graph after a run depicting where your numbers were for each item compared to the target numbers. The specific exercises given are for ares which need improving after that run.

Cadence: How many times your feet strike the ground per minute

Bounce: Vertical oscillation, movement up and down per stride

Breaking: Measure of how much speed decreases with each step

Drop: Movement of hips up and down

Rotation: Measure of how much the hips move in 3 planes of movement

lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics runner lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics virtual race run

lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics virtual race run lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics running

lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics virtual race run runninglumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics virtual race run running

The Lumo Run wearable provides the critical information that runners crave. The app is easy to use and displays the metrics in simple and fun display. The recommended exercises can change after each run based on the run's results. The exercises are drills that focus on quickly moving feet, reducing vertical bounce, etc. There is also a quick video describing each exercise. 

lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics

You may wonder what is the importance of knowing the metrics on these specific running biomechanics. Each one of the facets measured by Lumo Run can easily contribute to injures when left unmoderated. Common running injuries such as bursitis, plantar fasciitis, knee problems & hip problems can all be avoided due to having a grasp on your personal deviations from the target numbers.

For example, if you are overstriding but are unaware that your cadence is low then a hip injury may be in your future. 

Another example is if your hip drop is poor it may point to a muscle imbalance in the glutes. Lots of injuries can occur from an muscle imbalance as other muscles are forced to pick up the slack. 

lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics running track running

I have been beyond impressed with the Lumo Run! Personally, I have a hip injury that lasted 8 months with traditional physical therapy. No improvement from the physical therapy. I was in a constant state of pain & tears from living with hip bursitis & gluteal tendoqitopathy. Lots of money spent on physical therapy, weekly trips to the sports med dr & tests. I found a new physical therapy / chiropractor and got the Lumo Run at the same time.

I asked the chiropractor if I should try a slow run with the Lumo Run. She gave me the green light so I did a run through the pain. She told me what she thought would be wrong with my biomechanics then she looked at the Lumo Run's results. They both said the same deficiencies! That was my test to see the accuracy of Lumo Run! I've used my Lumo Run on every run since that day. My pain level has significantly decreased due to knowing how to correct my running form and the work with the chiropractor. Within 4 weeks of using it I was 80% pain free!! I've told everyone I know who runs they need to get a Lumo Run! It will save their body and wallet pain!

lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics track workout running

Records running mechanics 
Shows each run's needs for improvement 
Specific exercises for each run's performance
Easy to use app
Assists in avoiding injuries 

None at all!!!

lumo run wearable tech wearables running metrics biomechanics running

Do yourself a huge favor and start training with a Lumo Run! You have nothing to lose. You will avoid costly & preventable injuries! The Lumo Run is as essential as quality running shoes! It can be purchased here.

I won my Lumo Run from a fellow Instagrammer's giveaway contest. I was not asked to write this review. I received no compensation for this review nor from linking to Lumo's website. All opinions expressed are my own from my own experiences. Socks are Sockwell compression socks. All items shown in pictures are my own personal items.


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