5 Tips To Avoid Pre Race Jitters

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written by runnergirl training

Race day can understandably cause nervousness. Never fear, with these pro tips you’ll arrive well prepared at the starting line! See below!

1. Know unplanned things could happen.
The race may start when you are in the port-o-potty next to the starting line. The elastic may break mid race and you have to hold them up by hand. And yes, both have happened to me. J Do your best to plan & work with the best you can if things go awry.

2. Use the same habits from your training runs on race day.
If you always eat a snack before your workouts then remember to eat one race day. Race day is not the day to try out new running shoes. Keep your race day habits similar to your usual runs & things will tend to go smoothly.

3. Go easy on your expectations of yourself.
In the middle of summer is probably not the time to set a new PR, unless you like overheating. You may land in the ER to get IV fluids. I speak from experience. J You always want to challenge yourself and achieve goals but try to keep them realistic.

4. Know the race route.
There may be hills right at the start of the race that leave you energy depleted. Knowing how to strategize the race course is very helpful.

5. Dress for a variety of weather and temperatures.
Your race day weather report may look like this:
Starting line may be 40 degrees F
Mid race may be 60 degrees F
Finish line it may be 75 degrees F
Been there many times! Dressing in layers helps navigate the changing weather

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