Weight Loss Plateau

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written by runnergirl training 

Have you hit a weight loss plateau & seen your progress slow down? It is a natural occurrence. The body adjusts to the reduced calories and energy demands. Find out how to jumpstart your progress again.

After a change is made in your workout routine (following the FITT principle), it takes about 3 weeks to see the new changes. Don’t give up!

Keep track of calories
It is very easy to underestimate or overestimate your calories, sugar, sodium, etc intake unless you are recording it. Keeping track will help you make adjustments before you are too far off track.

Eating too little
When the body eats too few calories it holds onto them for fear of starving. That prevents weight loss. Unless otherwise directed by a doctor or nutritionist, don’t reduce calories below 1,200 calories/day (women) and 1,500 calories/day (men).

Change up your workouts
The FITT principle will help you manipulate factors about your workout routine to keep your body guessing and changing.

Keep track of your workouts
It is easy to overestimate your workouts’ frequency and intensity if they are not written down. Keep yourself accountable through a workout group, app, calendar, etc.

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