5 Weight Loss Nutrition Tips

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written by runnergirl training

Check out these 5 nutrition tips for weight loss. They are easily applied to your daily routine. See below!

1. Increase protein intake - This will assist in boosting your metabolism & providing muscles with nutrients for recovery.

2. Complex carbohydrates - They take longer to break down compared to simple carbohydrates. They keep you full for a long time too.

3. Increase water intake - Drinking water helps flush out retained water, excessive sodium & sugar. This also helps keep you full for a long time too.

4. Limit high sodium, sugar & saturated fat foods - All of these cause retained water, bloating, can cause digestive problems & too much will be stored as fat.

5. Spread meals throughout the day - This helps keep your metabolism level high and keeps you from becoming over-hungry and overeating.

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