Product Review - R8 Massage Roller

written by runnergirl training

The Roll Recovery R8 is an innovative device for foam rolling. The wheels are like that of inline skate wheels and they are on a pressure tension type handle. The R8 is made to roll on upper and lower leg  muscle groups. It includes an instruction guide to target those muscles. Due to its innovative design the R8 has the ability to fit a variety of sizes of individuals without needing any adjustments from one to the next.

I was super impressed with the R8's ability to find muscle knots that I was unaware of in my quadriceps. As a daily user of a foam roller & several other muscle knot massaging tools I was quite surprised to find large sets of knots still present. It has become part of my daily regimen now knowing that it can access knots which are clearly bypassed by other devices.

The R8 applies tension through its handle mechanism. Instead of relying on whatever pressure I can manage to exert on a device to release the knots the R8 has its own built in pressure. As an athlete who chronically has a fair share of muscle knots regardless of time spent foam rolling, deep tissue massages & nutritional changes (increasing potassium intake) I am thrilled to find a way to access & eliminate remaining muscle knots. 

Immediately after using the R8 I can feel the increased range of motion in my muscles and joints. The lack of stiffness in the muscles and joints really impressed me. I didn't realize just how much muscle tension & joint restriction had developed from muscle knots. I highly recommend you try the Roll Recovery R8 at RollRecovery. I think you'll be surprised at the immediate benefits you'll feel.

I purchased the Roll Recovery R8 and the opinions expressed are my own after my personal experience using the R8 roller.

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