7 Ways To Keep Motivated For Workouts

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Sometimes motivation for workouts can be lacking. Check out these 7 ways to keep moving! See more below!

Find a buddy or group.
When someone else is expecting you to show up then you will be less likely to hit the snooze button or skip the gym after work. Accountability can be in the form of face-to-face or online communities.

Commit to a race or event.
Sometimes the best motivation is to have a race or event to train for on the horizon. The date is on your calendar and you know exactly how many workouts it will take to reach that goal. You’re less likely to ditch workouts when you’ve paid money for an upcoming race.

Rearrange your workouts in the day.
Between hectic schedules of work, school and many other commitments exercise can quickly be shoved out the door. Start the day with your workout to ensure it gets completed. Go for a walk or run during your child’s sports practice.

Update your goals.
Ok, so maybe you had a few goals in mind when you signed up for that gym membership 5 years ago. It might be time to revisit your goals and make some new ones. Maybe now you want to increase leg definition. Maybe you want to run a 5k with your friends. New goals keep you moving!

Reward yourself.
Have you been eyeing some new running shoes, a new phone case or a funky bracelet? Remember those gold star charts in elementary school? Use the same tactic now. For meeting all of your monthly workouts let yourself have a special treat! 

Switch it up.
If you hit the gym regularly try an outdoor workout. If your workouts are only during weekdays then take off during the week and add in a weekend day. For example, try a running group that meets on Saturdays. New scenery and new people can make fitness fun!

Try something new.
The same ‘ol routine can get boring. How about checking out a workout class at the gym? Consider trying a different piece of cardio equipment that you walk past every day. How about taking your kids to the roller skating rink? Maybe you’ve seen people using interesting pieces of fitness equipment at the gym and you give it a try yourself.

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