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written by runnergirl training

Have you heard about a new racing craze called virtual racing? It is where you sign up online for a race & then are mailed the race number bib and medal. Participants are able to walk, run & cycle for the races. They vary in distance from 5k to marathon. Read more below!

Virtual races have increased in popularity in the past few years. They offer the convenience of completing them on your own time and in any location. You wan walk, run or cycle wherever you are and still complete a race and be the proud recipient of the coveted race medal.

Many races benefit charities. While you can always find a charity to donate to on your own, a charity race gives you the opportunity to stay fit while lending support. You feel participatory to the giving experience when logging miles for a good cause!

Virtual races are a great way to get kids motivated to move. They receive their own race swag in the mail and you can snap their finisher’s photo! It’s a fun opportunity to add fitness into their routine.

I have personally run and walked several virtual races. I enjoy the flexibility to complete them around my schedule. 

When I started looking for virtual races I was unable to find a centralized calendar. There are a variety of companies who offer the races but it is difficult to keep track of them. To answer that need I launched TheVirtualRaceCalendar.com. This is a centralized calendar of virtual races. There is even a place to submit a race if you are the organizer!

Check it out, sign up & let me know how your races go! See you at the finish line!

I received no compensation for sharing my website TheVirtualRaceCalendar.com. I received no compensation from the companies listed on my website. I was not asked to write this article. All opinions expressed are my own.

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