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Product Review: Rad Rounds Massage Spheres

massage ball foam rolling Rad Rounds sphere

written by runnergirl training

Rad Rounds are a functional tool for self-massage or foam rolling for small areas. They are offered in a variety of sizes and are specifically made to target around joints. Their silicone surface & density is perfect for massage and won’t give under bodyweight. See more below!

massage ball foam rolling Rad Rounds ball

Muscle knots and adhesions can form as a result of exercise, repetitive motion, or an injury. They shorten and tighten the muscles. This causes a variety of problems such as pain, altered range of motion & muscular imbalances.

massage ball foam rolling Rad Rounds sphere

The Rad Rounds are great for fitting around ankles, knees & shoulder blades. The various sizes offer different densities to help break up the muscle knots & adhesions. The smaller the ball the denser it feels. 

massage ball foam rolling Rad Rounds sphere

I like the way Rad Rounds fits around joints or small areas that can be easily miss with a foam roller. Included in the box is a diagram on how to target key areas. I purchased my Rad Rounds specially to reach a muscle knot behind my shoulder blade & to reach the tight areas next to my Achilles tendons. They successful reached both areas & provided relief. I continue to use them as part of my stretching routine to prevent additional problems..

Easily fit around problem joint areas
Don’t crush under bodyweight
Smooth on skin

Have not found any

Large green Rad Round:
I used on my back, legs & bottoms of feet.

Small blue Rad Round:
I used on my neck, arms & ankles.

Mini black Rad Round:
I used on my face, temples, hands & tops of feet.

I highly recommend trying out Rad Rounds for massage or foam rolling. They can be purchased at Amazon & Rad Rounds website.

I purchased my own Rad Rounds & was not asked to write a review. I received no compensation for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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