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fooducate app review product nutrition online personal training

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Fooducate is a free mobile app nutrition log. It gives graphs of nutritional intake, recipes, nutrition tips & a community of support. See more below!

The Health Tracker tab is a food log and shows you how close you are to meeting your daily nutritional goals. If you tap on the main graph you will land on another page with more graph displays of that day’s food. The My Progress tab uses a graph to show how close you are to achieving your goals.

fooducate app review product nutrition

The Food Finder tab is where you select the foods to enter into the log. It is sorted by food type and already has entered the nutritional breakdown of the foods.

The Community tab connects you to a timeline of other community members who are posting updates. Connect with them by liking their post or commenting.  You can also post a nutrition question of your own to the community.

fooducate app review product nutrition

The Healthy Recipes tab displays recipes submitted by the community. It gives the ability to search, save your favorites & submit your own recipes. 

The Diet Tidbits tab gives short news stories or diet and nutrition tips. Just scroll through and find an interesting topic to read.

fooducate app review product nutrition

There are also premium features that cost to upgrade. They offer special diet nutrition, food allergies nutrition, advanced nutritional tools, additional diet tips & pet food product analysis.

Easy to use
Graphs are informative
Variety of features

Have to pay if you have a special diet or food allergies that you want considered in the nutritional analysis

I would recommend using this app as a basic nutritional analysis, food log, recipe finder & supportive community. It is easy to use and navigate. If you have food allergies or are on a special type diet this app will not include those features under the free section. All in all, Fooducate is a good app to use.

I was not asked to write this review. It is my own opinion and based on my experience using it. I received no compensation for this review. 

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