Heart Rate Training Zones

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Heart rate training is a way to exercise while using heart rate to measure the level of intensity. Heart rate is measured by wearing a heart rate monitor. It reflects how hard your heart is working to indicate the level of difficulty. There are different ways to calculate exercise heart rate and charts to show the corresponding intensity. Read more below!

The most common way to determine exercise heart rate is to first determine your age-predicated maximum heart rate and base the training heart rate levels from it. The calculation to determine age-predicted maximum heart rate is 220 – your age = your age predicted maximum heart rate.

To determine each heart rate training zone multiple the age-predicted maximum heart rate number by the percent of max heart rate.

Example, if you are 20 years old your age-predicted maximum heart rate is 200 beats per minute (bpm). For the training zone to increase fitness at 70-80% of max heart rate it would be 140-160 bpm. If that person’s training goal were to increase their aerobic or heart fitness level they would focus on keeping their exercise heart rate between 140-160 bpm. If their heart rate increased above 160 bpm they would decrease their effort or intensity level. If their heart rate decreased below 140 bpm they would increase their effort or intensity level.

Use the chart above to determine your exercise heart rate zones. Based on your goals you will know where to keep your heart rate while exercising.

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