Blisters 101

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written by runnergirl training

If you run or workout regularly you have experienced the perils of blisters! Find out what causes them & how to avoid them.

blisters body glide sockwell socks anti chafe bandages blister virtual race
Actual blister from a trail running shoe with bare feet 

What causes a blister?
They are often caused by friction or incorrectly-fitting clothing or shoes.

How do you know if you are getting a blister?
The skin may be tender, red, white or puffy.

How to prevent blisters from developing?
Make sure shoes are not too big or too small. Dry off feet before wearing shoes barefoot. Wear socks that are anti-blister from their materials & design, such as Sockwell compression socks. Use a blister prevention product such as BodyGlide or petroleum jelly on your feet, particularly at the hot spots (heels, ankles, ball of foot & end of toes).

What is best to treat blisters?

When you have a blister that is sealed by skin & not overly painful try to leave it alone to heal. If it has become large or increased in pain then sterilize a needle or pin (sewing pin, safety pin, straight pin) and pierce it. Dry the fluid. Apply an antiseptic or antibiotic cream and cover with a bandage. I really like the blister bandages or moleskin. This will allow the blister to heal.

Brands mentioned or pictured are from my personal and every day use of running items. I was not asked to feature these particular brands. Learn more about Sockwell compression socks here.

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