Weight Loss Nutrition Tips

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written by runnergirl training

Weight loss can be challenging at times. Here are some nutrition helpful hints to make it a bit easier! Try them today!

Make sure to include:

Enough protein:
1-1.5 grams of protein per lb of body weight

Complex carbohydrates:
Stay full longer, stabilizes blood sugar, more fiber than simple carbs

Half plate with vegetables:
Put vegetables on 1/2 of your plate to stay full & get fiber

Half plate with complex carbohydrates & protein:
Put complex carbs & protein on the other 1/2 of your plate for a balanced meal

Drink water (not soda or juice):
Less calories & sugar in water than other drinks

Lean meat:
Chicken & fish have less saturated fat than other meat

Low sodium foods:
Read labels & ask for low sodium options when dining out

Low sugar foods:
Read labels, reduce fruit and juices 

Low fat foods:
Read labels & reduce saturated fat

Limit processed foods (boxed or prepared food):
Eat more food that was not purchased in a box

Take a daily multivitamin to fill in nutrient gaps

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