5 Abs Exercises

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Abs workouts can often become stale. Then we just sort of let them slide. Then you may not even recall the last time you worked abs in your usual routine! Never fear, this abs workout will freshen up things! Check out these fun 5 abs exercises! See more below!

abs crunches abdominals butterfly crunch

The Butterfly
While lying on your back put the soles of your feet together. Place heands behind neck but refrain from pulling on your neck. Exhale, pull belly button towards your spine as you rise up. It is small movement. Return to start position. 

Targets rectus abdominus (the six pack)
Repeat 10 times.

abs crunches abdominals Fingers To Toes crunch

Fingers To Toes
While lying on your back have legs extended toward the ceiling. Lift arms straight up toward the ceiling. Exhale and reach fingers towards toes. Return to starting position.

Targets rectus abdominus (the six pack)
Repeat 10 times

Abs Abdominals Bicycle Crunch Girl Pink Hat

While lying on your back, extend legs, exhale and bring opposite knee to opposite elbow while rising up and twisting.

Targets obliques (sides)
Repeat 10 times

abs crunches abdominals The Penguin crunchThe Penguin
Lay on back, bend knees & have arms extended at your side. Exhale, raise up & reach one hand down to tap your heel. Repeat on opposite side.

Targets obliques (sides)
Repeat 10 times

abs abdominals plank online personal training

Begin on elbows and toes. Pull in belly button towards your spine and tighten glutes. Prevent low back from sagging and in line with torso. 

Targets transverse abdominus (deep across waistline)
Repeat 10 times
Hold for 10 -30 seconds

Socks are Sockwell compression socks. Hat is Miles and Pace. All items are purchased by myself. I was not asked to use them in this post. I received no compensation for using these items.

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