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Dr. Evan Osar - Psoas and Glute Strategies

dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute injury lecture
All pictures taken by me & used with permission by Dr. Evan Osar & staff.

written by runnergirl training

These are my takeaway notes from Dr. Evan Osar at the Dallas Mania SCW Fitness Convention in August 2016. The topic of the lecture was Psoas and Glutes Strategies. He discussed the causes behind psoas and glutes imbalances and injuries related to those muscles. See more below!

In the fitness industry there is often a push to contract or squeeze the glutes when performing leg exercises. This squeezing action actually causes damage to the hip muscles as the head of the femur grinds on them. Dr. Evan Osar explains how and why this occurs and how to change the way we approach hip muscle exercises to prevent this damage and pain. 

Dr. Evan Osar is a doctor of chiropractic and is certified by ACE, NASM & NSCA. He is the president of Fitness Education Seminars, developed the Integrative Movement Specialist certification, has authored several books & regularly travels nationally as a presenter.

dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute injury lecture exercises

I took the following notes in an hour lecture. They don’t encompass the full scope of the lecture. If you have questions feel free to contact me and certainly contact Dr. Evan Osar for more of his work. 

Takeaway Notes Outline:

Anterior pelvic tilt means:
Lordotic curve
Tight hip flexors & low back
Loose abs & hamstrings

Muscles aren't necessarily weak. They just aren't accessed correctly. Inefficient strategy is being used.

Must load muscles in alignment

Balance of deep & superficial muscles
dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute injury efficiency balance

Psoas - stabilize trunk & hip. Pulls femur up into socket
Psoas role is to stabilizes
dr evan osar fitness mania psoas attachments glute injury lecture

Glutes pulls femoral head back into socket
dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute attachments injury

Glute problem = psoas problem
Psoas & glutes - function is to align & control femoral head
dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute functions injury

Hips aren't aligned they are unable to control the ball inside of socket
Inefficient position of hip & pelvis
dr evan osar dallas fitness mania psoas glute inefficient strategies

Most common compensation is when glutes are squeezed 
When glutes squeeze, ball of femoral head moves forward & grinds on hips muscles
Squeeze glutes too much = low back & knees take the body weight & force
dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute gripping problems

dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute gripping effects

Pelvis & spine must be aligned BEFORE glutes work 
** Don't grip qlutes 
** Align, breathe, control
Loose hip rotation because of excessive squeeze of glutes
Gripping of glutes = compression = wear & tear on hip muscles
Results in FAI - femoral head impingement & hip labral tear
dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute gripping injuries

dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute gripping injuries long term

Correct techniques:
Align thoracic region:
Rib cage in line with hips
Long spine
Stack rib cage
Stop gripping glutes
dr evan osar fitness mania psoas glute efficient strategy gripping syndrome

I personally paid to attend the Dallas Mania SCW Fitness Convention. I was not asked to write this lecture review. All pictures are taken by me and used with permission from Dr. Evan Osar & staff.


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