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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

General Nutritional Guidelines

general nutritional guidelines choose my plate calories protein sugar sodium

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Nutritional guidelines are excellent starting places to give the parameters for building your nutritional game plan. offers balanced nutrition plans for the general population. See below for the chart.

 The following information provides general nutritional guidelines for most adults. If you have special dietary concerns, focusing on weight loss, health condition, etc these will be less specific than for your needs. See a doctor or a registered dietitian for a special meal or diet plan.

general nutritional guidelines choose my plate calories protein sugar sodium

Healthy Eating Tips:
Make a grocery list so junk food is less tempting to buy
Eat more vegetables and less fruit (high in sugar)
Skip seconds
Share a restaurant entrée
Skip or share dessert
Eat treats or high fat foods in small amounts
Eat off smaller or salad plates for meals
Reduce cooking with oils, sauces, or spreads
Use low sodium & low fat condiments
Eat low sodium soup
Eat at regular times each day
Don’t eat in front of the TV
Drink water before eating
Request salad dressing on the side of salads
Take lunches to work and school
Bring snacks so not tempted to order out

The information provided in this chart is from and per their statement it is in the public domain and available for reuse without modifications.

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