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written by runnergirl training

Ever wonder what you should eat on rest days from workouts? Basically, you want to follow balanced nutrition each day including rest days. How much you tinker with your recovery day nutrition also relates to your goals. See more below!

Goal: Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight or body fat then on rest days you can slightly decrease calorie intake but keep water intake high. An acceptable decrease in calories is 10%. If on workout days you consume 2,000 calories then on your rest day eat 1,800.

Goal: Muscle Gain

If your goal is muscle gain on rest days you need to continue the same amount of calories and protein intake as training days. The body rebuilds and repairs on rest day and needs fuel in order to accomplish it. Keep hydrated as you would on training days.

Goal: Race Training

If you are training for a race then keep your rest day nutrition similar to running days. Omit junk calories with no nutritional value. Keep protein intake the same as training days to allow your body to rebuild. Continue to stay hydrated.

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