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Product Review: HyperGo After Sports Shower Wipes

Hyper Go Wipes After Workout Run Race Shower Clean

written by runnergirl training

How many times after a workout have you wished for a quick & easy way to clean up? Maybe you have to return to work, rush to a meeting or have 10 errands before you can go home & shower. Enter HyperGo wipes! See below!

These are not ordinary wipes. They are giant 12 x 12 inches of clean-up-your-sweat towels! They are pre-moistened, contain no alcohol, sulfate or fragrance. They are also hypoallergenic and infused with vitamin E and aloe. HyperGo wipes are gentle enough for sensitive skin yet tough enough to remove sweat & stink!

Hyper Go Wipes After Workout Run Race Shower Clean Up

I love the large size of HyperGo wipes! Gone are the days of having to use multiple baby wipes to clean up. These towelettes are large enough to use, fold up & use the other side. I was so impressed with how just one took care of my post workout sweatfest!

Hyper Go Wipes After Workout Run Race Shower Clean Large Big Oversized

I tend to have sensitive skin & can break out from new products. HyperGo wipes never caused my skin any irritation. They left my skin feeling soft and smooth, unlike most other wipes which dry out skin. I also like how the workout stink did not creep back after using them. HyperGo completely removed all body odor!

Hyper Go Wipes After Workout Run Race Shower Clean Up Quick On The Go

Large size
Leave skin soft
Remove all sweat, dirt & sunscreen
Just one cleaned entire body
Felt fresh and clean
Removed post-workout stink


Hyper Go Wipes After Workout Run Race Shower Clean Fast

After years of being an athlete, gym rat & race runner I have always searched for a large sized sweat wipe that didn't dry out skin. I'm generally quickly dashing off to be somewhere after a workout & need a quick was to refresh. HyperGo is the exact product I've always wanted. You seriously need try HyperGo wipes! You will be impressed with how clean & non-smelly you are after using them! Check them out on their website here!

HyperGo Wipes provided me with wipes in exchange for my honest opinion & review. All opinions expressed are my own from my experiences. I do not receive any compensation for referring to their sales site. I included my own Sockwell compression socks, running gear and virtual race bib & medal.

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