5 Fiber Facts

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There is a lot of information out there about fiber. But how to you really know what type, how much or what foods are high fiber? Here are 5 fiber facts.

Does fiber remove fat from the intestines?
Insoluble fiber is unable to be broken down by the body. It is what is considered roughage, the outer peel of an apple, beans & whole grains.  It moves through the intestines like a scrub brush and pushes waste through. Fat is swept up by the fiber and pushed onward to be removed. The amount of fiber to clear out the fat is relative to each other. A small piece of fruit won’t clear out 2 dozen donuts.

How much fiber should I eat in a day?
It is recommended to eat 14 grams of fiber per 1,000 calories consumed in a day.

Does fiber make you lose weight?
High fiber foods, like whole grains, apple with a peel, raisins & brown rice) are usually low in calories. The high fiber helps to keep you feeing full for an long time. If you are full then you won’t be snacking on empty calories.

What are some benefits of fiber?
Slows digestion
Increases regularity
May decrease cholesterol
May decrease blood sugar
May decrease chance of cancer or heart disease
Helps with weight loss

Do I need to drink a lot of water with increasing my fiber intake?
Yes, you need to drink plenty of water when increasing fiber in your diet. This will help prevent constipation from too much fiber & not enough fluid.

High Fiber Foods List
Whole grain bread
Whole grain crackers
Bran cereal
Whole grain cereal
Sweet potato

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