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Eccentric Training For Runners

hill training squats running legs workout eccentric

written by runnergirl training

Most runners incorporate some type of hill runs in their workout program. Have you ever wondered which is more beneficial running up or down the hill? See below!

The downhill part of a hill causes the leg muscles to increase in length under tension, called eccentric activation. Running hills can increase eccentric leg strength. There are also other exercises that can be used to simulate that same training factor and achieve similar results. The exercise will serve as a complement to a hill training program.

This program should be done 1 time per week. Select to either run OR do the other exercises. Alternate weeks of hill run & the exercises. This is intended to be a challenging neuromuscular workout. Plan a lower intensity workout the days before and after it. This will allow for recovery and prevent possible injuries.

Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7:
Hill Work
Grade should be 5-10%
Incline/decline is 0.5-1 mile
Control the run down hill
Repeat 5 times

Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8:

75% 1RM weight (maximum)
Start with ¼ squats, progress to full squats
Lower to count of 5 (slow)

Single Leg Press
1 leg at a time
Lower to count of 5 (slow)

Single Leg Squat
1 leg at a time
Lower to count of 5 (slow)


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