Product Review - Lululemon Water Bound Hoodie & Sun Blocker Pullover

written by runnergirl training

Lululemon offers a variety of sports performance clothes with UPF 50 sun protection. Two of those items are the Water Bound Hoodie & the Sun Blocker Pullover.

I have used both of these items for various sun soaked activities such as being on a boat, walking all day at an amusement park, hiking & running.  Here’s my perspective of what each has to offer.

The Sun Blocker Pullover has a stretchy feeling material. It is very soft and lightweight. There are thumbholes so your hands are shielded from the sun. It is sweat wicking but I found it took a little while to dry. It is comfortable to wear all day. I am very happy with this top and will continue to use it for activities such as amusement park walking, at the beach, running, & hiking.

The Water Bound Hoodie feels a little like swimwear material. It is lightweight and had the thumbholes. I found it to be quick drying after getting wet from being on a boat or sweat. I will continue to use it for activities in the sun and water such as on a boat or the beach. It really is a great shirt for water activities.

Both items have a hood, which is perfect to keep the sun off your head, neck & face. The UPF gives you confidence to be out in the sun and not worrying about damaging your skin or causing a risk for skin cancer. I highly recommend trying either of these shirts for activities out in the sun. They are the first UPF shirts I have found to be comfortable to wear.

I purchased these items personally and was not asked to write this review or compensated in any way. All opinions expressed are my own from using the items.


  1. This is nice, do you know any better compression pants to pair with these? The one I have is getting the wear and tear because it's my favorite :)

    1. @Nicole Thanks for your comment! There are a lot of great compression pants out there. I personally have a few pairs from Lululemon. Hope you find some great ones again!


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