Product Review - Roll Recovery R3 Foot Roller

written by runnergirl training

The Roll Recovery R3 orthopedic foot roller is a wonderful way to massage tired foot muscles & help them to recover. Often I forget that foot muscles need to be foam rolled just like leg muscles! They work constantly and yet are easily overlooked.

The R3's unique design is created to reach different foot muscles. The instruction guide shows exactly which part of the foot is being targeted at each spot on the roller. My feet instantly feel refreshed after using the R3! It's unlike other foot rollers I have tried. I really like the unique design & specific way it targets the muscles.

The R3's surface is easy to wipe clean and it is portable to take wherever you go! I think your feet will gladly thank you for trying it. Mine have zero complaints and it is now part of my daily foam rolling & stretching routine. Try it out at RollRecovery!

I received a Roll Recovery R3 roller at no cost in exchange for my unbiased review. These opinions expressed are my own after my personal experience with the R3 foot roller.

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