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Managing Arthritis

written by runnergirl training

Here are 8 ways to help deal with arthritis. Always consult with your doctor before starting new supplements or activity. See more below!

1. Get more exercise. Non-weight bearing exercise can be less stressful to achy bones. Great options include swimming, elliptical, stationary cycle, rowing machine & arm ergometer.

2. Eat anti-inflammatory foods. Foods that are anti-inflammatory may help with arthritis. Unprocessed foods such as pineapple, nuts high in omega-3 fatty acids, oranges, fish & melons are all helpful. Stay away from foods which increase inflammation like fried food, processed carbohydrates & dairy products.

3. Get a massage. Using massage from a therapist or self massage may help increase the range of motion in a joint and reduce stiffness. A physical therapist can also use massage as arthritis treatment.

4. Keep active. The adage “use it or lose it” holds true to arthritis and your level of mobility. When muscles and joints are not accustomed to movements their tendency is to tighten and stiffen. Get up and move now to make sure you are moving in the future!

5. Use hot & cold therapy. Heat is excellent for joint stiffness. Use a heating pad, electric blanket or hot shower to loosen up stiff joints. Cold therapy is beneficial for joint and bone pain.

6. Try herbal supplements. Talk to your doctor before trying a new supplement, as some many interact poorly with medications. A few which are known for helping arthritis pain are bromelain, ginkgo & stinging nettle.

7. Maintain a weight that is healthy. Excess weight adds stress and strain to joints and bones. Reducing body weight to a healthy range also reduces that wear and tear on your joints. Even a few pounds lighter makes a big difference for arthritis sufferers.

8. A positive outlook on life. No one is excited to have health issues to manage but trying to keep a positive outlook goes a long way. Allow yourself to make adjustments as needed to be comfortable and as happy as possible. You can still live a fulfilling and happy life!


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