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Sometimes you may find beautiful scenery & road stretching out in front of you. But as you go along you may find yourself wondering how to make running easier. There are actually quite a few options to make your body a running machine. See below!

Get enough sleep. On average adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. An easy way to accomplish it is set an evening routine and stick to it. Set alarms on your phone to get ready to wind down so last minute tasks won’t delay you.

Replace your running shoes. They need to be replaced every 6 months or every 300-500 miles. This helps prevents injuries.

Reduce your speed. There is no need to run a 5 minute mile unless that’s your thing. Slow down to where your breathing is faster than when walking but your aren’t huffing and puffing.

Add strength training to your routine. Building and strengthening muscles will increase your power when running. Lifting weights will help balance muscle groups to help prevent injuries.

Eat enough calories to fuel your workouts. Food is fuel for your body. Even when weight loss is your goal it is essential to have a balanced diet. Calorie or vitamin deficiencies will deplete your body.

Entertain your ears. Busy your brain and ears with upbeat music or interesting podcasts and time will fly!

Take rest days. Days off from workouts rest both your mind and body. It is easy to get into a rut and your mind feels stale. Days off bring a breath of fresh air!

Find a buddy. A workout buddy or group brings camaraderie and also quickly passes the time. They can also act as accountability to prevent you from skipping workouts!

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