The Mid Day Workout

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written by runnergirl training

Is it possible to sneak a mid day workout into the workday? Yes, here are a few helpful hints on accomplishing it!

It is important to block out lunch meetings and try to allow for some downtime following your workout. That gives you time to clean up and quickly eat. A protein shake is a great way to get in a quick lunch.

Try to pack a workout bag the night before to eliminate scrambling looking for gear while rushing out the door. You are also likely to follow through with your workout plans if you have carried in the gym bag. Planning for the workout helps to establish a new habit by making it part of your routine.

Remember to wear sunscreen if going outside to counter mid day rays. Post workout clean up can be made easy with shower facilities or with baby wipes and dry shampoo. Try to plan your work wear that day to include absorbing materials to help your body cool down.

Remember to rehydrate when back at your desk. Even a 20 minute workout a few days a week can add up when working towards a fitness goal. Feel proud that you accomplished it!

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