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Thank you, Kaisa, for taking time out of your busy schedule to do a quick interview for Runnergirl Training. I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn more about someone who not only inspires me but thousands of other people every day! She has fascinating & unique training videos clips of her workouts. They impressively demonstrate her level of athleticism & passion for fitness. Let’s get started! Read below!

1. What is your athletic background?
Growing up I pretty much played every sport I could get my hands on. In middle school and high school I focused more on soccer and track and field and in college I did track (the heptathlon) at the University of Washington.

2. What are your training/fitness goals?
If I set a goal these days its only performance related. Typically I have mini goals in my head all the time that I’m trying to reach but that doesn’t mean that I dedicate all of my training to attaining them. For example, I really want to do the splits (don’t ask why,  just have always wanted to :) ) so occasionally I’ll incorporate a few extra mobility exercises in to my warm-ups.  But under no circumstances do I set body image goals, I learned a long time ago that, for me, nothing positive comes out of that.

3. What do you use for recovery (foam roll, massage, ice)?
My recovery of choice is good nutrition, hydration and body work! I refuse to say massage because that always sounds like an amazing experience but the guy I see is incredible and incredibly painful :)

4. What is your nutrition program like?
I don’t have any specific program. Just try to eat as healthy as I can and often! I know what’s good for me and what’s not and I try to find a good balance in all of that. If I eat something like processed sugar or wheat I’ll pay for it later so that ends up being a good deterrent :)

5. What’s an obstacle you overcame in your personal life or athletic career?
That’s a huge question :) The most recent obstacle was probably my broken leg last November. I got kicked in a soccer game and it snapped my Fibula. I was devastated for the first couple days but quickly realized that injuries always seem to happen for a reason and I need to take this opportunity to work on other areas of my life. Its so weird saying this now but it really was a blessing in disguise.

6. What are a few of your career goals?
My number one goal is to get the world to move and if you are moving to get you to move a little more :)

7. How do you feel about being an internet celebrity?
HAHAHA! I don’t feel like an interest celebrity so I can’t answer that :)

8. What impact has your Instagram account had on you?
Its definitely had a seriously positive impact on me. Its given me so many opportunities that I honestly never thought were possible. Its hilarious though because most people that know me know I hated all forms of social media because I’m pretty private and never wanted to have people in my business.  In the beginning, posting my workouts on Instagram was simply a form of helping my friends and family out when it came to moving. I just wanted them to get some ideas of things to do on their own.  Obviously my social media has grown to a bit more than just my family and friends but my goal is still the same. I just want people to have a resource to go to when they need ideas of how to move!

9. Who or what inspires you?
My mom, my clients, my social media family. I get so inspired seeing people working on bettering themselves in any way,  shape or form. I have the best job in the world because on a daily basis I get to see people push through barriers, conquer fears and accomplish goals they never thought possible. Its incredible inspiring in all aspects!

10. What motivates you personally or as an athlete?

I’m motivated by the goals I have in my head. I’ve always had incredibly lofty goals (that I mostly keep to myself), but they are what drive me day in and day out to wake up and give that day all that I have. Even as a young athlete I had goals and dreams of being a professional soccer player.  Although that didn’t happen those goals are what got me to where I am today and they are what drive to to continue to work towards all of the other ones that are in my head :) My goals are always changing and million of them always exist in my head :)

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