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5 Common Nutrition Post Workout Mistakes

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written by runnergirl training

After your workout it is important to refuel with balanced nutrition. Nutrition is just as important as the right training plan, quality running shoes and adequate sleep. Check out the 5 common post workout nutrition mistakes below!

1. Vegetables are forgotten. Vegetables can be quickly passed by when ravenously reaching into the fridge. However, they boast a lot of nutritional rewards. Vegetables have vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. All are depleted during a workout so remember to add in some vegetables.

2. Using sports drinks to rehydrate. I personally used to be a chronic offender of this mistake. Sports drinks seem so refreshing and replenishing. They are also sneaky with their sugar content and artificial sweeteners, colors & preservatives. Yuck! Your body actually can replenish with water and the post workout meal. Remember to drink water when you are thirsty and make sure your urine is a pale color to know you are well hydrated.

3. Too many fitness goals at once. The nutritional habits of an individual on a weight loss program should look different than that of a muscle gaining or runner increasing speed. Food is fuel and nutritional guidelines are different per the goal. You will have to take in more calories is you are increasing your running speed or distance than if you are trying to lose weight.

4. Waiting to eat too long after a workout. After a workout you should eat within 60 minutes or less. Waiting longer causes blood sugar levels to drop low, mental fogginess & becoming over-hungry and resulting in eating too much. A great idea is to bring a snack in your gym bag so right after working out you can eat.

5. You become a slave to the numbers. If every calorie eaten and burned off is logged, you only eat what is allotted by the preset meal plan & ignore your body saying what it needs you are on the fast track for trouble. I also was a repeat offender of this in my unwise youth! Meal plans, nutrition logs & ignoring the snack attack monster at 10pm all have a place. Just remember to listen to your body. If you are hungry don’t be afraid to eat something healthy. Everything needs to be in moderation and balance.


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