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Ever feel like you live in a rat race or in a concrete jungle? A nice way to escape the fast paced life on the hamster wheel is to get outside. Whether is it a walk around the block when checking the mailbox or a 5 mile run, getting outside helps to clear your mind. Often we become boxed in and being in nature reminds and allows us to breathe and relax. See below for some fun ideas!

There are lots of ways to take your indoor workouts outdoors. Yoga is an easy activity to relocate outside. Grab your mat & go! Be inspired to try tree pose while surrounded by beautiful trees!

You can get creative and use your surroundings to build a circuit too. For example, steps to run or climb are an instant gym. A short wall can be used for pushups or step-ups. Be creative & let your brain have fun with it!

It is wonderful to refresh your mind and soul by being in nature and less regimented than the demands of our usual lives. Let yourself unplug and unwind outside!

Contact me if you want to spice up your outdoor workouts with some new ideas!

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