Blueberry Smoothie Popsicles

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written by runnergirl training

Ever try a smoothie popsicle? They are a fun and portable snack for those hot summer days.

Blueberry Smoothie Popsicles:

1.     2 cups of frozen blueberries
2.     1 tablespoon flaxseed
3.     1 banana
4.     1 cup dairy or non-dairy milk

How to make:
1.  Blend together the ingredients
2.  Place into a popsicle mold
3.  Let free for 3+ hours
If vegan, use non-dairy milk.
If low FODMAP, use non-dairy milk, limit to 1 cup blueberries & 1/2 tablespoon flaxseed.


  1. I always make popscicles from left over smoothies. If I'm lucky I can even convince my kids that's dessert. But as they get older that's a little tougher.

    I saw your blog on the list of top blogs. Congratulations on making the list. Well deserved. I have been a long time reader of your blog actually.

    I'm a blogger too - my focus is triathlon.

    Just saying hi.


    1. Any,

      Thank you for your lovely comment & kind words! Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog! :) You really brightened my day today! Going to follow your blog too right now! :D Happy blogging!


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