Bad Habits of Runners

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written by runnergirl training

Bad lifestyle habits can derail achieving your fitness goals. Eight of the top offenders are listed below so you can avoid them!

Starting out a race too fast. It is temping to start a race too quick especially when watching other runners zipping past you. Stick with your speed-training pace and you will be equipped to make your goal finishing time.

Avoiding the doctor for aches & pains. It is easy to ignore those nagging injuries but they usually  heal quickly when seen & treated by a doctor.

Not stretching. Stretching is an important part of training. It prevents injuries and keeps muscles and joints functioning healthily.

Poor running mechanics. Bad biomechanics can cause havoc in many ways. If your arms are swinging across your torso like a chicken or if you are running on your toes you body will pay for it with injuries.

Never taking a rest day. Your body requires rest days the same as it requires sleep, proper nutrition and sleep. Make sure to take days off from training for recovery.

Never cross training. Cross training allows other muscles to be used and overuse injuries to be staved off.

Skipping core work. Core muscles (abs, back, glutes, hips need to be trained to keep in balance. If they are overlooked injuries and muscle imbalances easily occur.

Adequate nutrition. Nutrition is a huge component of any health and fitness program. Follow balanced nutritionalguidelines for optimal goal achievement.

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