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Long Term Weight Loss Tips

written by runnergirl training

Long term weight loss can be a challenge. Often after a diet ends weight gain often lurks around a corner and it can feel defeating. Here are some tips on ways to achieve long term weight loss.

Eat less processed food. It tends to contain less beneficial nutrients and more empty calories than unprocessed food. I once heard fitness guru Jillian Michaels say, “If it didn’t have a mother and it didn’t grow from the ground, don’t eat it.”

Add strength training into your routine. Resistance exercise (weight lifting, resistance bands, body weight,, machines) will all increase muscle mass which will increase your metabolism. Increasing your metabolism will help burn more calories even while at rest, compared with not strength training.

Always keep moving. Moving burns more calories than sitting still. Building activity into your day helps rev up your metabolism. Take the stairs, park far from the store, walk a lap around the block after taking out the trash to easily increase movement.

Switch up your workout routine. That will prevent mental boredom and your body from becoming too efficient and reserving the calories used. Also new activities help prevent overuse injuries.

Think about reducing excess calories from your diet. If you usually have a soft drink in the afternoon or a handful of cookies after dinner those can easily add up. Trim out those food choices to keep off the unwanted pounds.

Journal your food & workout. Often we think we move more than we do and eat less than we do. Writing it down makes you mindful of those choices.

Long term weight loss can be achieved with a lifestyle of healthy daily habits. Keep up your motivation and continue to achieve your health and fitness goals!


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