Product Review - Aquaphor

Do you have dry hands or feet? Check out Aquaphor. It is amazing for stopping the cycle of dry & cracked skin.

I have used it for years & find it helpful for healing that post run windburned skin!


  1. Instead of Body Glide, I use Aquaphor on my feet for long runs. I don't have any problems with blistering since I switched.

  2. @Jeff Yep, that works well too! I've used both myself. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I tend to use normal moisturizers instead, but I do have a small tube of Aquaphor and it works just as well.

  4. Hmmm... I'll have to remember Aquaphor!
    I had a great chance to visit Jordan last year and picked up Rivage for pennies ($2-5 US/bottle).
    Comes from the Dead Sea and it's amazing.

    THEN... I see that it's offered at over $30 bottle on-line.

    OMG - I didn't know I was using gold!!! Now I need to find something more practical!. Thanks for sharing.


  5. @Blaine Thanks for sharing about your experiences!


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