Twitter Wellness Chat with Dr. Jamie Kane 03/17/11

Twitter Wellness Chat with Dr. Jamie Kane 03/17/11

If you missed the wellness chat on Twitter last night (03/17/11), you can catch the recap here! It is on Twitter every Thursday evening at 8pm EST by Dr. Jamie Kane. His Twitter profile is here. This is his website.

Date: 03/17/11

Topic: Kids & Nutrition

The follow are the asked questions & Dr. Jamie Kane's corresponding answers from the discussion:

Question #1: What is the biggest challenge for nutrition & kids?
Dr. Jamie Kane Answer #1Plan ahead when traveling & limit exposure under normal circumstances to fast food.

Question from @tri2thrive: Is it really impossible? Or just not good options around?
Dr. Jamie Kane Reply: The fast food options aren't even good if you know what's in them.

Statement from @tri2thrive: Better McD Options: Apple slices, Walnut-Fruit-low fat Yogurt Salad, Chix Selects cut up (NOT evil McNugget), Milk
Dr. Jamie Kane Reply: Fast food grilled chicken is not real chicken and the beef is of lowest quality!

Statement from @tri2thrive: Of course.. agree, but times when drive-thru is unavoidable no matter how much planning ahead.
Dr. Jamie Kane Reply: carry beef jerky and apples, seriously, it will be cheaper, faster and healthier.

Dr. Jamie Kane Statements: Also, going to fast food because kids want it doesn't help anyone. You wouldn't give them cigarettes.

Planning allows greater relative control over the situation, although sometimes the choices really are absolutely limited.

I speak to new parents all the time. My first suggestion is avoid getting young kids hooked on juice.

Statement from @fitkitdotcom: Don't make exercise an option!! Play outdoors, get of the TV/computer/couch.
Dr. Jamie Kane Reply: Kids don't need to exercise. They need to play actively. Make it fun. 

Dr. Jamie Kane Statement: Remember, start kids early. Good habits and lots of outdoor playing from the earliest moments.

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