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Twitter Wellness Chat with Dr. Jamie Kane

If you missed the wellness chat on Twitter tonight, you can catch the recap here! It is on Twitter every Thursday evening at 8pm EST by Dr. Jamie Kane. His Twitter profile is here. This is his website.

The following are his posts and/or replies for the discussion:

* When talking about running nutrition, it is important to determine goals/purpose.

* General health, peak for performance, racing, weight-loss all have different requirements.

* You might want some longer acting carbs. GU and Gatorade pretty quick burning stuff w/potential crashes.

* I find that GU is temporarily useful for me but I almost always feel the crash as it is wearing off.

* It probably isn't absolutely necessary to eat before a moderate distance run. enough glycogen is stored.

* You might also want to consider something like granola that mixes fast acting & slower burning carbs.

* GU/gels etc. are crucial after you pass a certain distance & are out of your own carbs to burn.

* You have over 1000 calories to spare, though, which for most runners is more than 10 miles.

* Simple equation = 1 liter for every pound you have lost during run but depends on temp, humidity. Need sodium too.

* I believe the 200-300 kcals/hr refers to the amount the amount of carbs that can be stored, not amount of sugar in blood.

* On a hot day, I like cola after a long ride. Very little beyond carbs is actually needed post endurance workout.

* There is very little evidence on protein post-workout (minimal benefits).


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