Runners Cramps

How to stop cramps when running. Check out what causes the cramps & how to get through them.


  1. You know what they missed? This was also the source of my cramping as a cyclist and mtn bike racer. MAGNESIUM!!!!! It did not matter how much I tried to balance my electrolytes, the usual callcium, sodium, and potassium I would still cramp! Magnesium is responsable for over 200 reactions in the body and also a key factor in the muscle relaxing. Magnesium is also lost in sweat and urine so you can get an imbalance and deficiency quite easy as an athlete. After I started taking mag my cramping went away and I actually felt much better. So I think everyone should look into this! It might be one of the factors that is slowing you down with cramps! Btw I am a fitness and nutrition freak! :-) so happy to connect on twitter with you!

  2. Great comment! Here's a link about getting blood levels of magnesium checked


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